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My name is Pavel Visnak, I offer taxidermy of all kind of birds and mammals, have attended many taxidermy seminars all over the world. I´m a winner of many prestige awards from the World Taxidermy Championships and the European Taxidermy Championships.  



2nd place in the World Taxidermy Championship

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What is the taxidermy? This ancient craft, in the right hands art, is best to described by its translation. Taxi means the movement and derma skin. Dating back deep to the human history. Prehistoric people have primitively conserved skins and used them for shelters and clothes... (read more)

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Attended seminars

In general taxidermy is not well developed in the Czech Republic. To learn master class taxidermy over here is quite hard and complicated, therefore I decided to get out from this average and attended many master courses in taxidermy over the world... (read more)