Preparace Višňák


Historical Development Taxidermy Methods of Birds

This publication describes the historical development taxidermy methods of birds. The various stages of taxidermy are described and evaluated. Emphasis is placed on the pros and cons, which I have consulted with leading Czech taxidermists and completed by my experience with this issue. The paper also describes the history of this very old craft. Finally, are presented the latest trends in world taxidermy. To see some pages click here (only in the Czech language).



Bird Taxidermy - Peter Sunesen´s Methods

This book fully describes the taxidermy methods of  the Danish ornithological taxidermist Peter Sunesen, which has won three times World and European Championship. It was completed after two  master courses, which I attended in year 2012  and 2013. To see some pages click here (only in the Czech language).


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Taxidermy - History, developtment and progress

Janaury 2015, Czech hunting magazine Myslivost. Issue: Taxidermy - History, developtment and progress. You can click on full czech version here.